Meet Us

Buen Gusto is a small family business that was born in 2018 after the passage of Hurricane Maria through Puerto Rico. Before Hurricane Category 5 hit the island, causing heavy losses, I made my living in the art world on foam and custom jobs. After the devastation caused by the cyclone, the whole country, among other things, ran out of electricity for months; some like me, after almost 8 months, still have no precious privilege of having electricity in our homes.

Without bragging about it, I must say that I was more than happy with the foam work and personalised items; I had a large clientele and always had a work to do. Work that, after the hurricane, went down immediately, because basically everything required the use of electrical energy. So, for better or worse, I had to find another way to bring my livelihood to my home.

After long months of waiting and searching, I decided to re-invent myself and take up that old idea I once had: to have my own clothing store; if I sold "for others" for a long time, why not do it for myself?

It was then that Buen Gusto was born; an "online boutique" for women, committed to bringing you the latest trends in the world of fashion with exclusive designs at affordable prices and high quality. Did I tell you, this all includes Plus sizes? Yes, for BUEN GUSTO "all sizes matter"!

Because you're worth a lot. Because you deserve it. Because of that. Give yourself a BUEN GUSTO!